True Food Alliance is a Spanish company that works to bring #TrueFood to every corner of the world, those foods that are produced following the most stringent quality standards, guaranteeing the consumers the veracity of the labels, the sincerity in its history and favoring the creation of a close relationship of trust between the producer and the consumer.



We are in an exciting moment in the history of food, in which consumers know and appreciate the effect of food on their health and on the planet. It is a unique opportunity for products that are made with transparency, which are produced in umpolluted environments.


True Food Alliance is present in the most demanding markets, offering consumers the full guarantee the origin of the food, ways of production, but also working with the producers to reach that concerned consumer who cares about all these issues.


The new times in the food consumption need a new way to reach those consumers that really care about the production process and also need to achieve an integral management on the supply chain based on trust.